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Stainless Steel Flag Pole Technology Overview

Dec 30, 2016

First of all, depending on the length of the flagpole, shears, stainless steel materials are selected for 201 and 3,042 models, between the thickness of 2.5mm-4.0mm. This process requires the use of large shears, shears with only slightly longer, not shorter. Isosceles trapezoid cut, based on the principles of geometry, so that roll up into a cone-shaped

Next, the bends curly, this step is very important, probably not. Above the isosceles trapezoid Board bending machine curls, making stainless steel prototype of the flagpole.

Flag pole after the prototype, then seamlessly welded, using Tig welding is performed.

Polishing and grinding. This process requires a professional polishing sponges polishing and grinding. Evenly polished until the welded and not welded like invisible so far. Such a flag is nearly completed.

Flagpole accessories after the backbone of a flagpole, and need to be installed on top of the flag in the lower welding fixtures with screws, easy fix. Flange produced is relatively simple, is the middle finger a few rough welded into a cuboid, convenient and with the screw at the bottom of the flagpole.