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Temperature Impact On The Flag Pole?

Dec 30, 2016

Stainless steel flagpole often faces a stern test in the open air, Sun and rain, and the wind and rain, and even in danger of is hit by lightning. State in steel at high temperature and room temperature environment is not the same as, stainless steel flagpole issued the sun hot, although stainless steel flagpole use where is the ambient temperature even in high nor high, but have certain effects on the flagpole. Facing rising summer temperatures stainless steel flagpole will generate Crystal creep and flagpole manufacturer reminded the flag Burns, may crack, need to pay attention to watering.

Effect of temperature on stainless steel flagpole there is the length of duration of the temperature, if the temperature is within a certain range, the human body can accept the scope of, even continued for a long time will not have much of an impact. But stainless steel flag pole the temperature if it is sustained high temperatures then result will change. Temperatures in Flagstaff for civilian use are negligible, this temperature is usually the human body can accept the scope of industrial temperature all the year round temperatures are extremely serious impact on the flagpole, industrial temperature is probably in the thousands of degrees, the temperature is totally unacceptable and will affect the life of the flagpole. Therefore, before installing a flagpole to think clearly about the temperature of the environment factors.