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The Secret New Flag Argentinian Officials Want To Raise Over The Falklands

May 10, 2017

He said: “That the Islands have a flag would be a way to continue fighting for sovereignty. 

“That is why, together with veterans we decided to work so that the Argentine Falklands have their flag and flutter in all the standards of the province of Buenos Aires.

“The creation of a flag of the Falkland Islands is a ‘do not forget me’ and is to tell the current national government to change course with respect to Malvinas, do not disengage because the pirates are not friends and never will be.

Falklands veteransGETTY

Falklands veterans parade in Buenos Aires


The flag of Tierra del Fuego province

Union Flag

"We need to recover the Falklands not through the war, but keep the issue alive in the international order, so that the pirates feel ashamed that everyone is against them and they still do not recognise the Argentine sovereignty over the Malvinas Islands.

"We have to create the flag, we have to agree and expose it for all ex-combatants to think. 

“Although we are going to present it in the province of Buenos Aires, the idea is to transfer it to the rest of the country so that all Argentines have the same flag as the Malvinas. 

“I am sure that with the support of the heroes we will achieve it."


The governor of Tierra del Fuego said the flag already existed.

Rosana Bertone said the Falklands were part of the territory of Tierra del Fuego and for that reason had their own flag.

She said: “It is necessary to remember the law recognises Tierra del Fuego, Antarctica and South Atlantic Islands as a province.

“This means that Malvinas Islands already have a flag and it is that of the province to which it belongs, which we hoist every day in our province and the one that we dream soon to see flutter, next to the Argentine flag, in our islands.”