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Ubisoft's 'Black Flag' Evolution, 'Skull And Bones,' Steals The Show At E3

Jun 14, 2017


Ubisoft did not disappoint when it came to surprises at E3 today, chief among them the first look at Skull and Bones, a new ship-based, pirate combat game built on the bones of Assassin’s Creed: Black Flag, but existing as an entirely separate entity.

Strangely, a production diary about Skull and Bonesleaked about fifteen minutes before its actual stage debut, which confused many on Twitter, but soon enough Ubisoft gave it a load of time during its show so everyone could see what it’s all about.

It looks to be essentially the For Honor format applied to pirate ships, if that makes sense. While on first glance the game could easily pass for a Black Flag sequel, it’s not quite as expansive as all that and moves in what appears to be an exclusively multiplayer focused direction, or at least one without a campaign.

Teams of player-controller pirate ships face off to steal loot, kill each other and escape pirate hunters in matches where the differently sized ships have different roles in the fight. There does not appear to be an out of ship component with boarding apparently an automated process, not a free-for-all like Black Flag, but the ship fighting that was shown looks incredibly impressive.

There are a few videos to check out regarding Skull and Bones from trailers to diaries to gameplay, which you can see below. This was one of the first “whoa” moments of E3 for me, though I am a bit sad it seems so heavily focused on multiplayer alone. I do have to wonder if Microsoft and Rare are feeling queasy with their animated pirate MMO Sea of Thieves on deck, given how impressive this looks, but they may fill different niches, given the actual gameplay. Check out more below. The game is out in 2018.

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