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Vulgar Flag In Kennewick Sparks Controversy

Mar 16, 2021

A Kennewick family is displaying a flag they said they have the right to show, but it's stirring up controversy among neighbors and others passing by.

The flag displays a profane message that reads, "F*** Biden and f*** you for voting for him!"

Homeowner Taytum Simpkins said they're just expressing how they feel and don't regret putting it up even if people are offended by what it says.

"These days people are offended easily about the smallest things and people have a right to express how they feel with anything they want to, so we put it up and we don't plan on taking it down," Simpkins said.

Simpkins admits it is a vulgar flag, but said she's against everything Biden has done so far and said she has the right to voice her own opinion.

"We just decided to express how we feel by putting our flag pole up," Simpkins said. "We are strong Republicans and we don't regret putting it up."