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Waynesboro Presents New Veteran's Flag Plaza

Sep 05, 2017

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The famous bird dog city presented their new flag dedication for the veterans who've served and still serve our country. The construction of the Veteran's Flag Plaza had been underway for a while now and with the help of the city, city council, and Georgia Highway Department it is finally complete. "This was something that was very important and they had been working on before I even got into office. So, we wanted to make sure that people were aware and we take the time to show appreciation to our veterans and to everybody that contributed to the making of this project," says Carswell.

Retired veteran, Bud North, woke up excited that this day has finally come. "To me, you know for years of trying to get it done, it's an exciting day. I'm just really proud and I woke up this morning thinking 'oh we're really going to do this!'," says North who is also the Sergeant at Arms of the American Legions Post 120.

Mayor Carswell wants anyone who comes into Waynesboro to know that they truly appreciate their veterans. "Not only will the people that pass on Highway 25 every single day, coming through here going to Savannah, going to Florida, wherever they go, when they this great sign and they see these flags, I want them to first know that you are now in the bird dog capital of the world. But then I want them to know that these flags that were raised by our veterans, people that gave and put their lives on the line, just so we might be free," says Carswell.

And hopefully this will serve as an example to the youth coming behind them. "I think the young people will see this and not forget what past people have done: veterans. And they'll respect not only the flags but the veterans," says North.

In hopes that when you drive through Waynesboro, and see those flags, you can take a moment to remember those who sacrificed their lives.