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What Should Be On New City Flag?

May 13, 2017

blob.pngflag made by johnin

The first round of a contest to redesign Rochester's city flag officially starts Monday.

Local flag expert Lee Herold said a few entries have already been received in the effort to find a new city flag.

Herold is part of a community volunteer group that has been seeking to raise awareness of the city's flag and spur an effort to replace it with a design based on basic flag principles, which he said includes simple design that looks good when the flag is flying, but also when it's hanging down without wind.

Additionally, he said the flag must represent the city and its people.

"A flag must be a powerful design that attracts immediate interest and excitement," said Herold, who owns Herold Flags and Flagpoles in Rochester. "Citizens of Rochester must be attracted to their flag and want to see it used because they like it, rather than as a duty and a loyalty."

The Rochester Flag Project Committee plans two rounds for the contest. The first starts Monday and will continue until Aug. 15, where area residents will be able to vote for their favorites. A panel of eight judges will also select a flag based on key flag-design principles.

Following judging of the first round, a second set of submissions will be sought starting Oct. 15. Herold said he hopes the second round will build on ideas seen in the first.

"This will give people the chance to spur them on," he said.

Once judging starts, the top three in each round will be awarded prizes and advance to the final review round, which will be scheduled with the hope of presenting a final flag design to the Rochester City Council in the spring, for potential adoption during the city's 160th anniversary.