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Wrap This Flag Around Me, I’m Home!’ – Meet Ireland’s Newest Irish Citizens

May 02, 2017
Aksana Sidarchuk gained her Irish citizenship. flag made by johnin

OVER 3,000 people from over 120 countries have been naturalised as Irish citizens at three ceremonies held in Ireland.

Since citizenship ceremonies were first introduced in 2011, 124 ceremonies have been held for 76,000 adults wanting to become Irish citzens.

Including children, the total rises to 100,000.

Eligibility for Irish citizenship by naturalisation is determined by being over 18, meeting the conditions of residence and having an intention to continue living in the State.

You must also be of good character and willing to attend the ceremony of citizenship, where candidates make a declaration of fidelity to the nation of Ireland and a loyalty to the State of Ireland.

Three citizenship ceremonies took place last Friday in Dublin.

The most nationalities naturalised since 2016 include Polish, Indian, Nigerian, Romanian, Filipino, Pakistani, Latvian, Brazilian, Chinese and American.

In total, people of 178 different countries have become Irish citizens since 2011.

Speaking to Ryan Tubridy on RTÉ’s The Late Late Show, Aksana Sidarchuk from Belarus explained how she first came to Ireland aged nine.

“I first came here when I was nine years old with the Chernobyl children’s group. I came into an Irish family in Two Mile Borris in Thurles, Co. Tipperary,” she siad.

“I was a little bit unwell at the time and I spent a few days in Limerick Hospital and Mary and Eddie Clancy were very generous over the years.

“They brought me back every summer for treatments and now I’ve been in Ireland since I was 19.”

Speaking of her new citizenship, Ms Sidarchuk added: “It was the proudest day of my life, honestly.