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Yes, That Was A Giant Championship Star(flag)drifting Over The Fans

Jul 21, 2017

blob.pngflag supplier-johnin

At various points during the game, if you looked up from the action on the field you may have noticed a giant “gold” star. It took up about half the width of a section and waved above fans in pricey charter seats as well as cheaper ones. It was a star for all, evoking the star that theSeattle Sounders wear above their crest this season.

For the most part tifo/choreo displays from ECS are within GA with the “upper GA” participating regularly. This one was different. It was for everyone.


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This was no corporate display. It wasn’t planned. The star journeyed through GA before, but on a night when the team made the impossible reality the star wove through the stands.

It was yours last night. It was ours, forever.

It’s a star for all, just like on the jerseys you can buy, the star is there. It is gold this year, and silver forever. Hopefully the star in the stands continues its journey in matches to come.